own the Ultimate Cat! savannah cats

We currently have four F4 sbt Savannah kittens and Five F6 sbt kittens for qualified homes

own the Ultimate Cat! savannah cats

We currently have four F4 sbt Savannah kittens and Five F6 sbt kittens for qualified homes

We are local professionals that fell in love with Savannahs

Experienced Breeders

As far back as the early 80's breeding Cocker Spaniels. We have now come to Love the Savannah cats. Caring & nuturing owners, and dedicated not only to this magnificent breed but my wife is practiioner of medicine with a BSN in nursing. 

Happy, Healthy Bloodlines


Timbuktu Savannah Cattery dedicated that all of our F3 thru  F6 generation cats are SBT.

Breeding Furever Friends

We can guarantee your Savannah kitten will come to you well socialized, litter-box trained, and ready to be a member of your family.

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About Savannah Breeds

History of Savannah's

  A Savannah cat is a cross between a domestic cat and the serval, a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat. The unusual cross became popular among breeders at the end of the 1990s.

  The first known Savannah was born April 7, 1986 when a female a Siamese (domestic cat) gave birth to a kitten sired by an African Serval. This F1 (first generation hybrid cross) was the first on record. This unusual female kitten had both domestic and Serval like traits. Both the kitten and breed were ( named "Savannah").

  Patrick Kelly heard about Savannah and decided he wanted to try to develop a new breed. He persuaded a breeder, Joyce Sroufe, to join him in his efforts. In 1996, Patrick Kelley and Joyce Sroufe wrote the original version of the Savannah breed standard and presented it to the board of The International Cat Association. TICA accepted the Savannah for registration in 2001. In May 2012, TICA accepted it as a championship breed. 

Fantastic Pets!

We started out buying a Savannah, loved the cat's unique exotic looks and traits. We liked our first one so much we bought another pet, both were males, an F2 and F4. We will explain more about what The "F" and numbers stand for later.

The ability to take our cats for walks on a harness leash, like a dog, and play fetch was amazing from other breeds.  The day we walked our F2 Savannah thru Lowe's Home Improvement center was interesting, both for our Savannah and the shoppers. These cats do remarkably well at being around people, much like their k9 friends. So  you get the best of both worlds! The dog-like personalities,  affectionate temperaments, smart, active, and muscular bodies. and with  the addition of the Savannah, you also get height, great temperaments. We loved the breed so much that we decided to start a Savannah breeding cattery, and the rest is history.  The cats live and play inside and out, we have a large outdoor cattery, in excess of 8,500 cu. ft. that has been equipped with the finest of play toys, such as the Ferris cat wheels, look them up on the internet, a ' cat wheel they run in. The pools,  and trees and cat houses. Wireless Nest cameras so we can watch and talk to them when we are away and fans and heaters for summer and winter months.

What is the Generation Numbers and letters about?

“F” designations in Savannah Cats tells us how many generations          removed from the African Serval ancestry.  

F1 = Serval is the Father/Mother of the kitten (62.5% serval)

F2 = Serval is the Grand father/mother of the kitten 

        (25% serval)

F3 = Serval is the Great Grand Father/mother of the kitten (2.5% Serval) etc..

  A, B, C, SBT

 "A" One of the parents of the kitten is NOT a Savannah 

         (Savannah and Serval)

"B" Both parents of the kitten are Savannahs 

         (Savannah A and Savannah male)

"C" Parents and grand parents are Savannahs 

         (Savannah B and Savannah male)

"SBT" Parents, grand parents and great grand parents are           Savannahs (savannah C and Savannah male)

Male Savannahs are sterile at least an F4 and only a few F4 fertile males exist. About 50% of the F5 males are fertile, most breeders many use an F6 male or higher generation for their breeding programs.

 SBT is the only generation that can be shown... 3 generations of Savannah to Savannah pairing.

About Us, at Timbuktu Cattery


So we are like you!

We are a couple in southern Brevard County Florida, and we love our pets. We have 7 Savannah's with intermittent litters. A Labrador, who loves the cats and vice versa, (Savannah's are very K9 friendly) and the exotic chickens we get eggs from!


So we aren't a cat factory!

We are building the foundation of exotic looking Savannah cats. All cat's are TICA registered, N/N by parentage for PK Def. and tested for UR and fecal pcr. All vaccinations are given before they reach your home.


So contact us, and get your furever best friend

Email us, call or PM us on Facebook at our site.  If we don't have what you are looking for, we network with other breeders, and will only recommend a breeder 

who we know and trust. 

Timbuktu is a TICA Registered Cattery in Good Standing.

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Morning Breakfast!

Feeding Frenzy of Quail, liver & hearts, Happy, Healthy, Well Socialized!

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