F3 Savannah Kittens SOLD

F3 Savannah female Kitten 9 weeks old, offered by Timbuktu Savannahs, This kitten Adopted and going to new home on 6/7/19


Testimonials & Pics of Recently Sold Kittens

Joan's, Beautiful F7 Savannah Male


Flying in from the western part of the United States, Joan, loves her new baby girl. Two days after arriving back home her bengal of 18 years passed away, she's so happy with her newest furever friend!

Jill's, Beautiful F7 Savannah Female


Driving though the night to get her newest addition to her family, Jill's daughter came down from the midwest to take their new gorgous Savannah home!

Kristina's, Beautiful Melanistic F7 Male


Kristina, a local nurse in Labor & Delivery, get's her furever baby Savannah. She loves the fact that it's a Melanistic, and you can still see his spots. "Coolest cat ever"!!!