Care & Care Essentials for Your Savannah

Walking Jackets, Teasers, Toys



  1. Hyendry walking   jackets are the best walking jackets you can buy. Our walking   jackets are NOT a cat harness which are made of cheap nylon straps. 

Supplements & nutritional services The answer for health, energy, and strength in your breeding and show animals We use several, but contact us about other needs


We use Kitty bloom and some others, but for Raw diets without bone, we add the calcium too. 

  1. What Bloom Supplements can do for your animal…
  2. – Lustrous Coat and Enhanced Color, Reduce Shedding, Flaking, and Allergy Relief.
  3. – Peak Condition During Periods of Stress or Heavy Workouts.
  4. – Improve Breeding Success and Vitality of Kittens.
  5. – Lifetime Benefits for Peak Resistance to Disease and Infection.

Cat Wheels


We have had different ones over the years, but the Ferris Cat Wheel is the highest quality for your money. There is one that says something about "Fast", DO NOT PURCHASE IT! IT DERAILS AND COULD BE VERY HARMFUL FOR YOUR SAVANNAH. The latest G5 Ferris Cat Wheel is a fabulous exercise wheel especially  designed for your cats. The wheel provides safe indoor exercise, fun and  mental stimulation for indoor cats, especially the more energetic  breeds like Bengals, but Orientals, Siamese and other breeds have been  taking to them with ease. The wheels are lightweight yet strong and  stable.  The Ferris cat wheel has an UNBLEMISHED track record for safety  - this wheel NEVER tips or derails!

Jumbo Litter Boxes


Whatever litter box you choose, always get a large/jumbo sized box. We have found this to work well, you can use it with or without the hood.

Petmate 22026 Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan

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Buy Toys for Your Kittens


Buy toys for your kittens, they are hi-energy breed and need a lot of physical & mental stimulation. 

Our Preferred litter


We have found this to be more than what pets store sell for three times the price, same litter. Tractor Supply, usually $5.99, but we just got it for $5 each, 40lbs.