Joan's, Beautiful F7 Savannah Male


Flying in from the western part of the United States, Joan, loves her new baby girl. Two days after arriving back home her bengal of 18 years passed away, she's so happy with her newest furever friend!

Dr. Margie, MD.


Margie, a local Dr. from the Kissimmee, Florida, got her ultimate kitten. Mondo, and F3 Savannah, from Timbuktu's Amina, a beautiful large F2 femal in May 2019

Kristina, RN


Kristina, a local labor & delivery nurse in Melbourne's Holmes Regional, was at the right place at the right time. Kristina's skill set helps deliver babies, but has also had the joy of delivering kittens here at Timbuktu Cattery. A real animal lover at heart, she's delivered many puppies, kittens & babies. She loves her little black panther, a melanistic Savannah, with it's hidden spots